Levis 511 vs 512 Jeans Compared

Levis 511 vs 512

Today we’ve compared Levi’s 511 versus 512 trousers in this post. Both of these are low cut trousers but expect the 512 trousers to be skinnier under the knee than the 511 trousers. Check out the changing styles and shades of the 511 and 512 trousers at Amazon.

Here’s what you need to say if you’re hunting for Levi’s trousers in slim-cut:

  • Levi’s 510 men’s trousers–Built for a sleek, slim, and stylish look. Begin your search here, should you need a suited split. No loose, free stuff. Slim through the ankle, and slim through the thighs. This is the slimmest fit-out of the whole trousers at the time. Accessible Compact flexibility for comfort. To see the 510 trouser and to look at their fit, click here.
  • Levi’s 511 Men’s Trousers–Really slim-fit trousers. Thin through the buttocks, and legs. Perfect fit in case you need a tailored feel which isn’t too short. Accessible layer Flex. lots of colors and styles are available. Check out the colors and styles provided for the 511 trousers here
  • Levi’s 511 Advanced Stretch Men’s Trousers–Ensure you don’t forget these in case you’re keen on the 511’s. Same slim style and cut, but with extended texture (and more colors to look over). Check out the 511 Advanced Stretch Trousers here to see what colors and washes are readily available.
  • Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Chino Trouser–511 slim, Chinese-style cut for those looking for some trousers for a business. Similar slim model as trousers 511. Cotton 98 percent, Elastane 2 percent. It can be matched with tennis or oxfords shoes. Check out the 511 Hybrid Chino Trousers here to check if they’d bode well for you.
  • Levi’s 512 men’s trousers–The 512’s have a midsection and upper-leg cut close to the 511’s, but fall to a slimmer leg opening than that of the 511’s. This cut throughout the midst of a slim fit and a medium fit fills in as good. We are currently auditing for those trousers. A ton of readily available colors, styles, and washings. Click here to see the colors and washings available for the 512 trousers.

In this post we will specifically focus on comparing the 511 versus 512 Levi jeans, using images of the trousers I say (I own both the 511 and the 512). I do wear the 511 model regularly, but there are occasions when the 512 bodes well.

What is the difference between the Levi’s 511 and 512?

The main difference between Levi’s 511 and 512 trousers is that the 511 trousers have a true slim fit cut with a 14.5′′ leg gap, but the 512 trousers have a thin decline cutting which means that the trousers reduce to a smaller leg opening under the knee. For the 512 trousers, the leg spacing is 12.75′′. These two trousers have a similar narrow cut in the thighs and hips, but the 512 trousers have a tighter one, formed fit beneath the knee.

While I was searching for Levi trousers, I was shocked at how many colors and washes were available at Amazon to shop.

FitSlimSlim Taper
Leg Opening14.5″12.75″
SitsBelow WaistBelow Waist

In this post we’ll examine Levis 511 versus 512 to talk about the fit and style distinctions, and what various types of Levi’s trousers might work for you as well. As I mentioned previously, I wear a lot of 511 trousers for one, both as work jeans and as easygoing jeans.

Here’s a look at one of my 511-trousers set:

Levi’s 511 vs 512 Fit

Both of these styles of trousers are slim fit trousers that will be best for folks searching for a more tightly, increasingly custom-made fit. In any case, albeit both of these trousers have a thin fit, there is really a significant contrast in fit. The 511 pants have a genuine thin cut, while the 512 trousers have a thin decrease cut (which is a much slimmer cut).

In these photos, I have a few of my 512 trousers (dim blue) lying over my 511 trousers (light blue):

A decreased cutting method slowly reduces the leg of the trouser as it hits the ankle. Although the 511 Slim cut of the Levi is slim from the hip to the lower leg, the 512 Slim Taper cut of the Levi is thin in the thighs and hips but drops to a thin fit near the lower legs.

You can anticipate that the fit should be fundamentally the equivalent in the hips and thighs.

Notice that the 512 truly begins to get slimmer past the knee towards the lower leg:

So the 512 trousers are really the skinnier fit between the two. The two of them at the thighs and hips have the same skinny cut, yet the 512 trousers have a skinnier frame.

511 Jeans

511 Colors

Click here to perceive what colors are accessible for the 511 trousers.

512 Jeans

512 Colors

Click here to perceive what colors are accessible for the 512 trousers.

What size to Order?

As far as I can say, both the 511 and 512 trousers have run size-consistent, indicating the mid-section and the length are what I had expected. Like I said earlier in the post, I frequently wear the 511’s for one and I find extensively all the years I’ve used them, I’ve just had one collection that I think was too warm in the belly.

My suggestion is to arrange your typical estimating for both the 511 and 512. You can look at all the changing styles of the 511 and 512 trousers at Amazon.

Leg Opening

The opening of the Levi’s 511 versus the 512 legs is not the same. Not only does the pant leg itself get skinnier with the 512 Slim Taper style, but that also means you’re going to have a skinnier leg opening that can impact what kind of shoes you pair with these pants. These are the leg opening sizes:

  • Levi’s 511 – 14.5″ leg opening
  • Levi’s 512 – 12.75″ leg opening

That really is an absolutely key distinction in the size of the leg opening. There is a 1.75-inch gap between the 511’s leg opening and the 512’s. Here’s the 512 sitting on the 511:

Which one works better for you will boil down to individual inclination. Obviously, the 511 trousers (with the broader leg opening) will be easier to fit over specific types of boots in case you need an easy look for company.

It is currently critical to note that neither of these trousers (511 or 512) has the opening of a boot cut. Looking at the Levi’s 527 Slim Bootcut Jeans is perfect on the off chance that you need a thin fit and a boot cut.

Below are a few pictures of Levi’s 511 and 512 trousers, matched with shoes and boots, so that you can think about how they fit in the lower leg. Again, the 511 trousers have a slim leg opening, and the 512 trousers have a skinny leg opening.

Levi’s 512 vs 511 Style Options

Both 511 and 512 are available in a variety of premium denim cuts. When all is said to be done, the terrific denim will cost you more, but it will give you more shades to look over in case you need to look through all the shading alternatives.

One thing that is really cool about the famous 511 styles is that Levi offers 511 in different types of jeans. Levi is offering:

  • 511 Chino Pants
  • 511 Hybrid Trouser Pants
  • 511 Corduroy Pants

Generally, I have made some troublesome memories finding the 512 styles offered in anything besides pants. The 512 pants do have a lot of colors to look for (counting a khaki shading), yet the general choices with the 512 are restricted in contrast with the ultra-well known 511 styles.

Levi’s 511 vs 512 Photos

Below are some pictures of the 511 and the 512 trousers for you to compare. We will begin with 511 trousers.

511 jeans

512 jeans

Other Alternatives Besides 511 and 512

In the event that you are leaning towards a tight fit, as we examined, the 512 trousers will be the best choice for you (as opposed to the 511 pants). If you need to think a lot tighter about something, you’ll need to look at Levi’s 510 trousers. The 510’s have an extremely thin, smooth fit–Levi’s skinniest style of men’s trousers. Click here to see the 510 trousers and to look at their fit.

In the event that you need a slim fit, however not skinny fit, at that point between the 511 and 512 trousers you will most likely lean towards the 511. In the event that you are worried that even the 511’s strength is a piece unreasonably tight for you, at that point, I would suggest attempting Levi’s 513 trousers. The 513’s have a slim fit through the hips, however a straight fit down through the leg opening, so it removes any thought of “slim” trousers. Click here to see the 513 trousers and to look at their fit.

As I referenced before in the post, in the event that you are needing to match slim trousers with boots, at that point the Levi’s 527 Slim Bootcut trousers will be your most logical option. Truly, the 511 trousers can fit with certain sorts of boots, yet numerous kinds of boots won’t fit with the 511 trousers, particularly work boots. Click here to see the 527 Slim Bootcut Jeans.

Where to Buy?

511 Jeans

Click here to check the price of the Levi 511 jeans at Amazon.

512 Jeans

Click here to check the price of the Levi 512 jeans at Amazon.

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