Levi’s 505 vs 550 Jeans Compared

levis 505 vs 550

This post is an examination of Levi’s 505 versus 550 pants (utilizing genuine photographs). When all is said in done, anticipate that the 550 pants should be a looser fit than the 505 pants. These two styles both give space to your legs to inhale (neither one of the styles will embrace against your legs).

On the off chance that you are looking for Levi men’s pants, rapidly, this is what you have to think about a portion of their most famous styles:

  • Levi’s 514 Men’s Jeans – The fit of the 514 pants is going to fall someplace in the center between the 505 and the 550. The 514 pants are a slight piece looser than the 505 pants, and a slight piece more tightly than the 550 pants. The 514 pants have an exemplary straight cut that isn’t excessively loose or excessively tight.
  • Levis 501 Original Jeans – The 501 pants are regularly contrasted with the 505 pants. From owning both, I can instruct you to anticipate that the 501 pants should fit somewhat more tightly in the thighs than the 505 pants. This is one of Levi’s most famous styles.
  • Levi’s 569 Men’s Jeans – These pants are a free straight fit. The 569 pants are perhaps the loosest fit you can discover. On the off chance that you incline toward a lot of breathing space for your legs, you will need to think about the 569 pants.
  • Levi’s 505 Men’s Jeans – Regular straight cut that won’t embrace your legs, yet will be somewhat slimmer than the 550 pants These pants are a well known in the middle of cut for the individuals who need a fit to give some shape, yet don’t need the pants to embrace their legs. We will survey these pants right now.
  • Levi’s 550 Men’s Jeans – The 550 pants are styled correspondingly to the famous 501 pants, just they have additional room in the seat and thighs. These pants have a casual fit, with a leg that decreases close to the lower leg to give some shape. We audit these pants right now.

Compare To…

  • Calvin Klein Men’s Straight Fit Jeans – These CK pants have an exemplary straight fit that won’t fit excessively tight or excessively loose. These give you an expert look without being awkwardly tight.

So in this post, we are going to concentrate explicitly on contrasting the 505 versus 550 Levi pants utilizing genuine photographs. Underneath, we will start our correlation by examining the distinction in fit between the 505 and 550 pants.

What size to order?

As far as I can tell, both the 505 and 550 pants have a consistent with size fit, which means the abdomen and the length was what I anticipated. My suggestion is to adhere to your ordinary estimating when requesting these pants. Simply recollect that the 550 pants have a casual fit, and accompany space worked in.

Levi’s 505 vs 550 Fit

What is the difference between Levi’s 505 and 550?

The contrast between the Levi 505 and 550 pants boils down to fit. The 505 pants are a normal fit that will be a kind of in the middle of fit (not very tight or excessively loose). The 550 pants will be a more loosened up fit than the 505 pants, with more space in the legs (albeit neither one of the styles will embrace your legs). The 505 pants tumble to a 16″ leg opening, and the 550 pants tumble to a 16.5″ leg opening.

Leg Opening16″16.5″
SitsSits at WaistSits at Waist

Once more, generally speaking, you can anticipate that the 550 pants should have a roomier cut, particularly through the thighs and knees. In any case, it is critical to get that despite the fact that the 505 pants are slimmer than the 550 pants, the 505 pants are not a thin fit. Here is a glance at my 505 pants sitting on my 550 pants:

As should be obvious, the 550 pants (dim blue) on the base have more space in the thighs than the 505 pants. The 550 pants likewise have more space beneath the knee (counting a marginally bigger leg opening):

Here is a gander at me wearing both the 505 and the 550 pants. Once more, in general both of these pants have a kind of loosened up feeling when you wear them.









505 Jeans








550 Jeans







Leg Opening

As we examined before, the leg opening in the 505 versus 550 pants is marginally extraordinary. The 550 pants will have a somewhat bigger leg opening than the 505 pants:

  • Levi’s 505 Jeans – 16″ Leg Opening
  • Levi’s 550 Jeans – 16.5″ Leg Opening

There is a bit of contrast in fit underneath the knee. The 505 pants have a straight cut underneath the knee, and the 550 pants somewhat decrease close to the lower leg. Here is a gander at how my 505 and 550 pants fit close to the lower leg:

505 Jeans

550 Jeans

Other Options Apart From 505 and 550

  • In the event that you lean toward all the more a standard fit (a fit that isn’t excessively tight or excessively loose), at that point between these two styles you will need to pick the 505. In the event that you think even the 505 pants may be excessively free and loose, at that point I would suggest thinking about the 501 pants. The 501 pants are a straight fit that will give some shape in the thighs. The 501 pants are somewhat slimmer than the 505 pants.
  • On the off chance that you favor a free fit, at that point between the 505 and the 550, you will need to pick the 550 pants. On the off chance that you are concerned even the 550 pants maybe a piece excessively tight, at that point I would recommend looking at the 569 pants. The 569 have a free straight fit and give your legs a lot of breathing room.
  • On the off chance that you need to think about another brand, the Lee Premium Select Classic-Fit Straight-Leg Jeans will have a comparable fit to the 505 pants. Lee is another confided in name in pants. This pair of Lee pants have a great straight fit from the hip through the lower leg and can fit in both coolly and expertly.


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