Levi 511 Jeans: Things You Need to Know

Levis 511

One of the most popular men jeans you’ll find is The Levi 511 Jeans. There are many things to know about it other than how it looks. For instance, it is important to know its sizing and fit, different kind of colours as well as its shrinkage ability when soaked in water. From all of these, choices can be made on a particular colour or type of Levi 511 Jeans.

Levi 511 Jeans: Meaning

Generally, Levi 511 jeans are known to be a slim fit kind of jeans for men. The slim fit design starts all the way from the hip until it gets through the ankle. Not only that, it sits below the waist while showing the perfect shape of the legs. Still being slim fit, they do not hug the legs tight till it becomes uncomfortable to wear. Its main purpose is to ensure comfort, convenience while still being fitted.

Sizing and Fit of Levi 511

As long as sizing and fit are a very important criterion in choosing Levi 511 jeans, then you can be sure it is up to standard. This means it follows the standard sizing protocol, i.e., consistency in waist and length. Simply, it is a relaxed jean with maximum comfort.

Sizing Chart

There are showing the respective sizes of Levi 511 Jeans. The sizing chart is divided into 3 main sections; waist, length, and international conversions. However, the most vital thing to know is that: Levi 511 jeans are fit slim through the ankle with a true-to-size waist and inseam but may fluctuate. This cause of this sizing fluctuation could be a result of the fabric material used in making them; thus, there are different kinds of that too.


Below are a few of the frequently asked questions about L.evi 511 Jeans.

Do all Levi 511 Jeans have a slim fit?

A remarkable feature that differentiates Levi 511 Jean from every other is the slim fit. This means all Levi 511 Jeans do have a slim fit. Although it may not be straight fit, it is comfortable to put on. For those looking for a straight fit jean with a little more room inseam, Levi 501 is highly recommended.

Other Alternatives

Well, there is a Levi 511, and there are Levi 512 and Levi 513. The trio is similar in different kind of ways, but a little different in length and waist (sizing) standard. The two latter are a further improved version of the Levi 511, but this doesn’t guarantee the same comfort as the former. Typically, Levi 512 and 513 are slim fit and better alternatives to Levi 511.

Check out Levi 511 vs. Levi 512 as well as.

Do all 511 Jeans stretch?

Today, stretch fabric jeans seems to be the norm. Many people appreciate mobility and comfort which is why stretch jeans are preferred; however, there are still high demands for cotton jeans. Therein, the question is: are all 511 stretch jeans?

The answer is No. Not all of them are stretch jeans. Maybe a majority of them are, but there are other 511 jeans made out of 100% cotton and others with elastane blend. This blend still helps it to retain its fitted quality and comfort. Levi 511 Jeans are one of those jeans with a blend of cotton and elastane to enhance a perfect slim fit.

Dickies slim jeans are an example of jeans made with 100% Cotton.

What makes Levi 511 Jeans Shrink?

Most jeans shrink after some time; however, the level of shrinkage differs from one jean to another. For instance, Levi 511 Jeans shrink after a little bit of time, but the shrinkage level is at the least minimum. In order to limit the effect of shrinkage on a jean, proper attention must be paid to the instructions on the tags. These instructions would help make sure the jean still retains its quality and still provide the comfort needed.

On the instruction tag, machine wash is recommended. Further, it suggests a medium heat to dry it; anything higher would cause a little bit of shrinkage.

What are the best colours available for Levi 511?

Even though there are different colours available for Levi 511 Jeans, one wouldn’t but notice the 3 exceptional ones. These three colours have been tested smart and classy for different kinds of events. Below are the best colours in Levi 511.

  • Briar Knoll: This is a blue-coloured jean – a darker one, different from the usual. It is suitable for both casual and professional events. There are many Levi 511 Jeans of this colour on the popular eCommerce site.
  • Throttle: This is a light blue-coloured jean which is good for casual occasions. It can also be worn on weekends.
  • Club Space: This is blue-coloured jean also; only that it is in between the dark colour and light colour – a blend. These jeans are suitable to wear anywhere including professional occasions.

There are other colours of Levi 511 jeans which are quite incredible too, but these above are the best choices for anyone.

Places to buy Levi 511 Jeans

There are many things about Levi 511 Jeans that would want you to have it right away. Asides being slim fit from the hip down to the ankle, it is the perfect kind of jean to wear anywhere and anytime. All of these are due to the quality of material, colour and comfort that comes with it.

Thus, there are lots of places to buy Levi 511 Jeans. You can either walk up to a store or order from a reputable website like Amazon. Well, the latter would save you a lot of stress and buying problems. There are even reviews online to help in decision making.


The most important thing is that you get a quality pair of Levi 511 Jeans that would serve the purpose you want it to. There is still more about Levi 511 Jeans;

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